Embed latest video from youtube channel

There isnt really much documentation out there to do this but I use this method and it works well for me.

To get started include the latest jquery library inside your <head> tags

Next on the spot where you want to add in the video drop in the following code:

Just change the *YOUR USERNAME* to your channel name.

That should do it.

Add to custom post type quick edit on WordPress.

If you had the need to add options to the WordPress quick edit menu, here is the solution. In this example my custom post type will be “mytype”.
This post will assume you have a custom field already created for your post type, my customfield name will be “myfield”.

The steps are as follows:

1. Add an extra column ( wont work if you dont have the custom column present )
2. Fill the custom column with data
3. Add the form to the quick edit box
4. Add the save function
5. Add the Javascript to populate the form with current fields

So lets go:
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