So with our first baby on his / her way ( we don’t know yet and we don’t plan to know until he / she makes his / her arrival ) I have been tasked with getting the baby room ready. This projects includes a few DIY projects and I thought it well to document the things I do and how I do it.

We have juts moved into our new home in Western Cape and have decided on the room for the baby. The furniture will be a combination of old and new stuff. The old items I have to restore and I will start with the baby cot which was mine when I was a baby. I think this is actually super special and I look forward to restoring this cot to a more modern item yet keeping as far as I can the original parts of the cot ( screws, metal items, etc ).

The cot is still in a good condition but it needs sanding down and repainting. We are not gonna paint the whole cot again. Will save the details for the end result. First order of business was taking everything apart, screws and fixtures. Most of the screws are very rusty due to the cot standing in my parents store room for years. So I will try and save those screws by using “science” and also some of the other items.

After taking it all apart we started to sand the cot down. The rusty screws I put in a solution of vinegar and baking soda for a few days. Although after a little investigation I see a lot of folks use hydrogen peroxide as well. I left the nuts, bolts and screws in vinegar for 2 days and after that I left it in Baking Sode and Vinegar for two more days. You can see the result on the right, and I thought it came out well. I will polish it of using a Dremel to give it a shine.

That is where we are at the moment, due to the fact that we ran out of sanding paper….
View the photos and follow along as we continue this project of the next few weeks.
Feel free to leave comments if you have ideas or suggestions.

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