Learn jQuery the easy way with Succinctly – E-Book Review

jQuerySuccinctlyIf you are looking at learning jQuery, The Succinctly Series provides one of the easiest ways. Javascript has made our lives easier in a lot of ways.Programmers can interact with the interface faster and more fluently. Users enjoy a fantastic seamless experience. But looking at bare Javascript can be a dawnting task.

Luckily on January 14th, 2006 the first version of jQuery was introduced to the world. From there creative geniuses has been bringing us endless enjoyment using the library, everything from amazing UI designs to Very Addictive jQuery games.

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How to include Google Analytics in your web app

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.07.18 PMYou can easily add google analytics data in your custom app by using the ga-ez-dash library

This library is super easy to use and quick to install. I am not going to go into much details and the code is quite self explanatory.

All applications that use the Google Analytics API must be registered through the Google APIs Console. When you register in the console, you will create a new project and configure the settings to work with this library. Once configured, the console will provide you with a few values that you need in the configuration step.

Upload the library to a folder in your document root.

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Dynamic WordPress Slideshow without plugin

wordpressWith the addition of the Menu’s feature in wordpress it allowed us to use pages for a little more than its obvious purpose.. A Simple example for this is to create a front end slideshow without having to add a special plugin or tons of code that make everything seem super complicated. All you would have to do is browse to the page, click on add media, upload the photos to the page and thats it.

Most of the cases they use either custom post types or they pull it from the blog via a specific category. But this can be a hassle if all you want is generic images rotating.

So here is how to do it..

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The Dev Box – 13 June 2013

devboxIn this Issue of the dev box we take a look at the tech fails of hollywood. We see how to use shortcodes in WordPress theme files. There are some wordpress hacks and snippets to fight spam. Tutorial on optimizing for retina displays and also some inspiration on the use of textures. Enjoy!

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Javascript problem with WP Super Cache

Recently had a case where Tweet Blender didnt work correctly alongside WP Super Cache.

Tweet Blender showed the Tweets that was cached along with the page so in effect 3 weeks later you still have tweets from 3 weeks back showing.

The workaround was quite easy, All you have to do is refresh the tweet blender box as soon as the page is done loading.

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Return Random Records in MySQL

One of the most handy functions in programming is the ability to display random records. Luckily in SQL this is very easy.
This is usefull when you want to display random products, random images, etc..
So in your query you just add “ORDER BY RAND()”
So the Query will look like:


easy 🙂