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Awesome CSS3 E-Commerce Cart Ideas


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doCapture- Free, quick, high-res, website screen captures in the exact size you need.


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Designbeep – Free Resources For Designers and Developers

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WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites

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The Dev Box – 13 June 2013

devboxIn this Issue of the dev box we take a look at the tech fails of hollywood. We see how to use shortcodes in WordPress theme files. There are some wordpress hacks and snippets to fight spam. Tutorial on optimizing for retina displays and also some inspiration on the use of textures. Enjoy!

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Dirk Strauss – The Daily Six Pack

The Dev Box – 07 June 2013

devboxToday’s Dev Box Includes some usefull links. Principles of Design and David Kadavy’s Design for Hackers (Interview). Dirk Strauss gives us a review on Visual Guard. Learn how to create shapes in CSS3. A very handy and easy to install jQuery plugin to create a image zoom effect and a tutorial on using custom taxonomies in wordpress.

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The Dev Box – 05 June 2013

devboxThis Weeks Dev Box we have some tips on dealing with clients ( lookout for Homer Simpsons guide to dealing with difficult Clients ), Dirk Strauss has an amazing article about IT proffesionals and 10 Awesome PHP tips ans snippets from Cats Who Code and Some Vintage Inspiration from Desizn Tech. Also a Featured Link about New C# based CQRS Tutorial available. Enjoy!

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New C# based CQRS Tutorial available :

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