Easily add a pinterest button to your posts without a plugin

Adding social links to blog posts sometimes seems like a hassle but actually its not. Adding it your blog posts is actually quite easy. There are lots of plugins out there thats does the same but sometimes you want that little extra customization. The following will be a bit different for ┬ácertain cases but this […]

Post Instagram to Facebook Fan Page

At the moment the default share location for instagram is your personal facebook profile. There is a easy way to change this actually without use a fancy app or going out and heading back your camera roll and into facebook and repost the image.. What a hassle… So here is my guide to setting this […]

The Future in the Past

So recently I received my brand spanking new Macbook Air. What an incredible machine, but whats really interesting is that the thickness of it catches eyes everywhere. Now for common tech junkies like me and you ( considering you are reading my blog ) this technology seems normal. The fact is a large proportion of […]

A few basic tips when building your first website

I see alot of posts on what to avoid when building a website and alot of them are very technical. What if your a user who wants to get your hands dirty. There are tons of sites that allow for a user to change the design them selves either by giving options to choose from […]