Hello, I’m Janes. I am a Software Developer focusing on Web Frontend, Backend and Mobile Development.

This website is my online portfolio and a place a share and chat about my interests and things I am up to. I will also share tech related tutorials, explanations and thoughts along with other projects I am busy with.

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Personal Life
October 19, 2017

Baby Room Project Ep. 1

So with our first baby on his / her way ( we don't know yet and we don't plan to know until he / she makes his / her arrival...
September 6, 2017

High Level Git Explanation

This is a fantastic explanation of how GIT works and gives a clear understanding of what the different commands do.
June 28, 2017

WordPress relative url’s in posts

If have you ever used wordpress in an environment where you have dev, testing, staging and production environments you would understand that the default wordpress uses when inserting media into…