Baines Boabab – Botswana

This was the first stop of our Botswana trip that took place in June. This was once again a trip of firsts for me, First time out of the country, First time camping and and..

I must say at first I was sceptical about the whole camping affair seeing that at Baines Boabab the only shower available is a bucket shower but in the end it turned out to be very fun. the scenery was absolutely amazing and just being there was such a great experience. In the pans itself I have never experienced silence and beauty as that. The Boabab tree’s are awesome to see, and overall experience was great.

I would suggest it for anyone who loves nature and camping. From here on we went to Nxai Pan National Park for further camping.


Kirkmans Camp : &Beyond – Sabi Sand

I recently went to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve where I stayed at Kirkmans Camp which is one of &Beyond’s lodges.

This was my first ever safari so it was a really exceptional experience, it was also the first time I had a shot at proffessional photography and I absolutely fell in love.

This trip was made possible by Hilton Kotze and Tanya Kotze from Africa Direct.

See some photo’s below.