About Me

I am Janes Oosthuizen, Currently living in Bloemfontein , South-Africa. I started out with Computers in Grade 2 and ever since I have been a computer junky. Initially I studied Technical IT, A+ , Server +, CCNA ,CCDA etc, but over 10 years ago my attention turned to programming specifically Web development. Although I have worked with ASP and a little ASP.NET I prefer PHP.

So I studied in 2004 and went into programming in 2005. 11 Years later I am still loving it. I generally prefer Web Technologies including PHP, jQuery, Mysql, CSS, etc. but I have dabbled with a lot of other languages including Ruby, C#, Swift and more.

I started Digibit Technology Solutions in 2009 and also worked for a large Photography e-commerce store for over 3 years ( www.outdoorphoto.co.za ), and in 2016 ( march ) I resigned from outdoorphoto to go into Digibit Full-time. It has been an amazing journey full of challenges and its going great.

I love unique, striking designs and I spend time on the details. Every website is a piece of art that must be tweaked to perfection. When I am not bashing away on my keyboard I enjoy Photography, Wildlife, Africa, Nature, Mountain biking, Exercising, and everything related to Technology.

I love drawing and photography ( see my full portfolio ).