Some tips for Afrikaans (South-Africans) Folks on Using Siri.

Wow.. I havent made a blog post in some time.. I have been extrmely busy the past time.. I blame that!

Anyway, if you are from South-Africa and you are Afrikaans Speaking you might have some trouble using apple’s new Siri service that comes with the new iPhone 4s. For me it worked really well except Siri had trouble with some of the pronounciations. Luckily I stumbled upon a setting that is a bit hidden and proves to be quite effective.

You can tell Siri how to pronounce contact names and also what to listen for so she recognises your pronounciation aswell by using the phonetic function. To Set this simple follow the following Steps:

First Step:

First off all Under “Settings -> General -> Siri” I changed the language to English ( Australian ), I found this works best with our accent. Then find the contact in your phone book that you want to set the phonetic setting for.


Tap on Edit then scroll to the very bottom of the page and tap the add field button. Next you will see the “phonetic first and lastname” fields. Add the one you want to add.


Enter the phonetic way that Siri must pronounce your name. for Example. She struggled with my name. My name is pronounced Ja-nus. She pronounced it Jane-s. In Other words like the name Jane just with a s. ( This is actually harder to explain than I thought.. LOL ) Anyway.. in order for Siri to correctly pronounce my name I had to enter ” Ya-nes” That made her pronounce my name more or less correctly.

Thats it. Test it by Asking Siri to text the person or if you are doing your own name just Ask Siri to say your name.

Hope that Helps 🙂

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