The Dev Box : 22 November 2012

Seeing that mobile is growing so much and Development on the ipad havent really taken off, I will share some interesting finds with you. First link, viewing a website Source code on your Ipad or Iphone using a some javascript: View source on the iPad and iPhone – Ole Michelsen Guide to using it: How […]

How apple helped to get back a stolen iPad and catch a syndicate.

Well those of you who follow me on twitter would have seen my excitement when A long time client phoned me and asked me if there is a way where I can wipe his data of his laptop that has just been stolen out of his car. Here is the full story of how Apple’s […]

Easy iPad Gestures in your website with jQuery

Recently in my surf across the web I came across this and this is actually quite awesome. Seeing iPads are becoming such a common device to use I thought it would be great to be able to include the swipe gestures functionality into your site or maybe into the ipad version of your site. jQuery […]