A few basic tips when building your first website

I see alot of posts on what to avoid when building a website and alot of them are very technical. What if your a user who wants to get your hands dirty. There are tons of sites that allow for a user to change the design them selves either by giving options to choose from […]

WordPress / Photoshelter

Photoshelter is probably one of the greatest photo systems I have ever worked with, The guys at photoshelter have made it so easy for photographers to sell their photo’s on the internet. Photoshelter includes a whole variety of functionality from SEO, Themes, Theme Customization, Static pages, Ecommerce all built-in to the system. Unfortunately the system […]

Francois van Zyl – Wedding Photographer Website

Well it is August and I have compeleted another Site just before Spring.This the time where everyone gets married. Francois said the other day that his busy time starts now. glad I could get his site done in time for the busy season. This site was a fun project to work on, Me and Francois […]