This software was developed for a client who wanted to rent out photographic equipment but have subsites for each agent with its own styling

Platform Features:

  • Add and Manage Products in different categories, each product can be assign to different lodges and has various attributes including price, sale price, images, etc.
  • Add and Manage Categories.
  • Add and manage the agent sites. Each agent site can have its own styling, theme and shipping methods. Each site has a unique url by utilising sub-domains.
  • All orders placed are logged and a database is kept of all customers who have ordered. Order can be managed and resent via the admin panel.
  • Reporting to pull reports depending on various criteria incl ( Products per site, Products in Total, etc).

Third-Party Services Used:

  • Payfast Payment Gateway

Technologies Used:

  • LAMP
  • Codeigniter
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery