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Cellphone Management Software

This software was developed to help manage cellphones and claims against major cellphone companies in order to prevent missing claims and saving money.

Tech: LAMP / Codeigniter Framework

Photographic Rentals Software

This software was developed for a client who wanted to rent out photographic equipment but have subsites for each agent with its own styling.

Tech: LAMP / Codeigniter Framework

Outdoorphoto – Website

This was one of my employers and they sell photographic equipment. When the need came for e-commerce I was brought onboard to assist in the setup of the online shop and the integration that goes along with it.

Tech: Opencart / vBulletin / Pastel / WordPress

Sweatgear – Website

E-Commerce store designed and set up for a customer who manufactures fitness clothes.

Tech: WordPress, Google Analytics, Yopto, Payfast

Vincents – Website

This website was done for Vincents Restaurant. They offer food and drink for pupils from the nearby school and also offers month vouchers cards which can be recharged from the website.

Tech: WordPress, Payfast

SVG Animation

Simple Animated SVG done for my wife. Random Project

Tech: SVG, CSS

Random Other Projects

Place where I add random projects like a Dad Joke Generator

Tech: Git, Github, jQuery, HTML, CSS