Usefull Links

Here are some links that is dropping of my bookmark bar =) Have to save them somewhere so might as well do it here. Awesome CSS3 E-Commerce Cart Ideas View Link doCapture- Free, quick, high-res, website screen captures in the exact size you need. View Link Designbeep – Free Resources For Designers and Developers View […]

Learn jQuery the easy way with Succinctly – E-Book Review

If you are looking at learning jQuery, The Succinctly Series provides one of the easiest ways. Javascript has made our lives easier in a lot of ways.Programmers can interact with the interface faster and more fluently. Users enjoy a fantastic seamless experience. But looking at bare Javascript can be a dawnting task. Luckily on January 14th, 2006 […]

How to include Google Analytics in your web app

You can easily add google analytics data in your custom app by using the ga-ez-dash library This library is super easy to use and quick to install. I am not going to go into much details and the code is quite self explanatory. All applications that use the Google Analytics API must be registered through […]

Dynamic WordPress Slideshow without plugin

With the addition of the Menu’s feature in wordpress it allowed us to use pages for a little more than its obvious purpose.. A Simple example for this is to create a front end slideshow without having to add a special plugin or tons of code that make everything seem super complicated. All you would […]

Create a responsive jquery slideshow in WordPress

One of the most used elements in Web Design is the slideshow.  Using jquery and WordPress ( Custom post types ) I will show you how to easily create your responsive slideshow. Using the plugin made by the guys from SLIDEJS. So first off all. Download the script package over here. and Download jQuery over […]

The Dev Box : 13 November 2012

jQuery is ( my opinion ) one of the best things to hit the web development scene.. you can accomplish anything with it from games, awesome web apps, or just simply awesome Web stuff. the community is huge and there are some awesome plugins out there. I have a collection of different plugins that are […]

The Dev Box : 11 November 2012

Every week ( once or twice ), I will be posting some of my favorite links and resources  to the blog in a small segment called “The Dev Box”. So starting today here are a few: jQuery: jQuery form validation: jEditable: Just these two for today, stay posted to get more!!