Usefull Links

Here are some links that is dropping of my bookmark bar =) Have to save them somewhere so might as well do it here. Awesome CSS3 E-Commerce Cart Ideas View Link doCapture- Free, quick, high-res, website screen captures in the exact size you need. View Link Designbeep – Free Resources For Designers and Developers View […]

Add to custom post type quick edit on WordPress.

If you had the need to add options to the WordPress quick edit menu, here is the solution. In this example my custom post type will be “mytype”. This post will assume you have a custom field already created for your post type, my customfield name will be “myfield”. The steps are as follows: 1. […]

Dynamic WordPress Slideshow without plugin

With the addition of the Menu’s feature in wordpress it allowed us to use pages for a little more than its obvious purpose.. A Simple example for this is to create a front end slideshow without having to add a special plugin or tons of code that make everything seem super complicated. All you would […]

Javascript problem with WP Super Cache

Recently had a case where Tweet Blender didnt work correctly alongside WP Super Cache. Tweet Blender showed the Tweets that was cached along with the page so in effect 3 weeks later you still have tweets from 3 weeks back showing. The workaround was quite easy, All you have to do is refresh the tweet […]

Easily add a pinterest button to your posts without a plugin

Adding social links to blog posts sometimes seems like a hassle but actually its not. Adding it your blog posts is actually quite easy. There are lots of plugins out there thats does the same but sometimes you want that little extra customization. The following will be a bit different for  certain cases but this […]

Create a responsive jquery slideshow in WordPress

One of the most used elements in Web Design is the slideshow.  Using jquery and WordPress ( Custom post types ) I will show you how to easily create your responsive slideshow. Using the plugin made by the guys from SLIDEJS. So first off all. Download the script package over here. and Download jQuery over […]

The Dev Box – 15 April 2013

This Weeks Devbox contains some awesome tutorials about WordPress and also some Windows 8 tips from Dirk Strauss. An Analysis of Responsive Websites – What’s Hot and What’s Not Super Guide on How to Write Web Design and Development Tutorials Windows 8 Tips Part 16 – Change Startup Programs… But Where Is Startup? How to […]