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I always lock my computer when leaving my desk and when I come back I have to unlock it again. Last night I came across this little app.

Its called Proximity and what it does it monitors a bluetooth device that you choose for proximity and it can trigger events whenever this device is in or out of range.

With a little research and playing I got these scripts to work, which automatically locks and unlocks your laptop.

So first off all download and install the app.
Next open the app preferences and select device to monitor.

You will notice on the preference screen there is a few settings including monitor interval etc.

Then there is two fields a inrange script and a outofrange script.

So If you head over to your utilities folder there is a app called Applescript Editor. Fire that up and in the text area add the following:

tell application "System Events"
    tell security preferences
        set require password to wake to false
    end tell
end tell

tell application "ScreenSaverEngine" to quit

Click on the compile button then save it as a script file with the name of InRange.

Next Create another script but add this code this time :

tell application "System Events"
    tell security preferences
        set require password to wake to true
    end tell
end tell

activate application "ScreenSaverEngine"

Save that script as OutofRange.

Back to your Proximity Settings, Set your files to use. and thats that.

Now if you walk away and your phone goes out of range, It will lock it self. when you come back in Range. It will unlock again.

Interesting Site on more AppleScripts : Mac Tricks & Tips

Just some random babble on geeky stuff. LOL!

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