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This was the second stop on our Botswana Trip after Baines Boabab.

At this camp we atleast had working showers and bathroom facilities. Once again after 40 min’s off-road we were tired and still had to set up camp. The main reason for going was to “hopefully” get lion catching springbuck, but our timing was bad with the time of year and ended up shooting all BUT that. It still was a great experience.  Nxai Pan is a nice destination to go to. Reasonably near by is Khumaga National Park and in the park you will find the Boteti River. We made a day trip to there where we saw alot of Zebra and Elephants.

One thing of Botswana I will remember is the smell and that is the place where I had my first ever Camping Trip. I had great company with me, including : Hilton Kotze, Francois van Zyl, Andrew and Nicolene. Having them along on the trip made it a fun and memorable time.

All specializes in a certain field. Hilton : Wildlife Photography, Francois : Landscapes and art aspect, Andrew : Ex-Ranger with knowledge and Nicolene : just for being the fun person she is.


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