Post Message To Slack

If you are using slack I am sure you have thought of making certain items post real-time to slack so you can keep track of it.. this is actually easier then you think. You can put the below code in a function of use it directly. Lets get started:

WordPress relative url’s in posts

If have you ever used wordpress in an environment where you have dev, testing, staging and production environments you would understand that the default wordpress uses when inserting media into posts is by adding the complete url to the media item. Now In a scenario where you have different environments with different urls and you […]

Windows 10 Cant send email Issue

I recently found a few client phoning me explaining, they cant send emails from outlook even though on the account settings screen the “Test Account Settings” test delivers successful results. The Message Office gives is something similar to cant connect to server. All of the clients had one thing in common, they recently upgraded to […]

Usefull Links

Here are some links that is dropping of my bookmark bar =) Have to save them somewhere so might as well do it here. Awesome CSS3 E-Commerce Cart Ideas View Link doCapture- Free, quick, high-res, website screen captures in the exact size you need. View Link Designbeep – Free Resources For Designers and Developers View […]