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jQuerySuccinctlyIf you are looking at learning jQuery, The Succinctly Series provides one of the easiest ways. Javascript has made our lives easier in a lot of ways.Programmers can interact with the interface faster and more fluently. Users enjoy a fantastic seamless experience. But looking at bare Javascript can be a dawnting task.

Luckily on January 14th, 2006 the first version of jQuery was introduced to the world. From there creative geniuses has been bringing us endless enjoyment using the library, everything from amazing UI designs to Very Addictive jQuery games.

I am myself a huge fan of jQuery. And the best of all is, its super easy to learn.
I recently came accross the The Succinctly Series” free e-books. They offer a wide variety of free e-books ranging from jQuery to iOS. Whats the catch? No Catch. Its absolutely free and thorough.
I was interested in the “jQuery Succinctly” free E-book. I was sceptical at first as to what the book offers and teaches ( having worked through some other books by other authors ). I was pleasantly surprised to the quality of this book.

The book is set out into chapters covering:

  • Chapter 1 – Core jQuery
  • Chapter 2 – Selectors
  • Chapter 3 – Traversing
  • Chapter 4 – Manipulation
  • Chapter 5 – HTML Forms
  • Chapter 6 – Events
  • Chapter 7 – jQuery and the Web Browser
  • Chapter 8 – Plugins
  • Chapter 9 – Effects
  • Chapter 10 – AJAX

I have been using jQuery for almost 5 years now and even I learned a few things from this book.

They teach you everything from using selectors, manipulating the data you selected, Using effects along side your functions, Using AJAX and writing plugins.

They cover all the basics with well commented code examples along the way.

Example of a code Snippet

// Standard.
jQuery(document).ready(function () { alert('DOM is ready!'); });

// Shortcut, but same thing as above.
jQuery(function () { alert('No really, the DOM is ready!'); });

// Shortcut with fail-safe usage of $. Keep in mind that a reference
// to the jQuery function is passed into the anonymous function.
jQuery(function ($) {
     alert('Seriously its ready!');
     // Use $() without fear of conflicts.

Working through this book shouldn’t take you more than maximum two days. After that you will have a clear understanding of jQuery.

Overall I am VERY impressed with the Succinctly books Syncfusion Offers and its free. They give the books away as a way of giving back to the developer community.

You can download the jQuery Succinctly e-book from their site over here.

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Janes Oosthuizen

Author Janes Oosthuizen

Programmer and Tech Junky from Cape Town, South-Africa. I have been programming for more than 15 years in various languages including ( CSS, HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and many other ).

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