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Well 2011 is here and it may be a bit late for a new years post but here it is. For some reason I am REALLY looking forward to this year. I am positive that it will be one of the best years yet to cross my way. I have a few new years resolutions. One is definetly to become more specialized in php and the other is to learn Objective-C.

The Reason for the sudden urge to learn a new language is, my addiction to my iPhone has lead me to a game called TradeNations. After playing this for a while I realized I would really like to be able to build apps for the iphone.

The world is really changing rapidly. We should embrace the change to grow / change with it. Keep pushing ourselves to do things better and  faster. I have seen last year how to make decent money doing the things you love to do.. It might not bring you as much as Richard Branson or Bill Gates. But its not impossible. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He did what he loved and look where he is. Not all your ideas might be winner ones but do them, even if they wont work, You will learn something from it never the less.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. . Albert Einstein

On this note I say go out and make the best of 2011. I am gonna do my best to learn Objective-C ( with help from Dirk Strauss ) , grow my business and overall enjoy it. Lots of travelling ahead and other Adventures.

Janes Oosthuizen

Author Janes Oosthuizen

Programmer and Tech Junky from Cape Town, South-Africa. I have been programming for more than 15 years in various languages including ( CSS, HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and many other ).

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