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Photoshelter is probably one of the greatest photo systems I have ever worked with, The guys at photoshelter have made it so easy for photographers to sell their photo’s on the internet.

Photoshelter includes a whole variety of functionality from SEO, Themes, Theme Customization, Static pages, Ecommerce all built-in to the system. Unfortunately the system isnt free. They offer 3 packages ( Basic, Standard and Pro ).

My client signed up on the Standard package. Photoshelter offers photographers the option to set up a very basic website for themselves which then includes their galleries with the photo’s they wish to sell, but If you have a existing website and you just want to add the ecommerce functionality to your website you can either use the wordpress Graph Paper Press template ( which is sold separately ) which incorporates the galleries and the photoshelter functionality into wordpress, alternatively you can just set up your website like you would normally and then use the site that photoshelter offers and just customize it so it matches your website’s look and feel. They made it real easy for coders who know their HTML / CSS to do it and they offer some fantastic Tutorial video’s on how to do this as well.

This is exactly what I have done for Hilton Kotze. He has a normal Website at and I customized the photoshelter site to match his website’s look and feel, view it here

I will definitely recommend photoshelter for other photographers who is looking for a more affordable option to sell you photo’s.

Janes Oosthuizen

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