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Well as the year draws closer to the end of the year we are all pushing to get projects done before the end of the Year. Although it feels like my work is getting done it is though. A&E Ceilings was a referal I got and although their head office is in the same city as me I got the Business from the Western Cape. We also did 3 different designs and the one they decided on had a rather odd menu and was not my prefferred one.But it is what the client wanted and that is what I had to go for. The site didnt really have any special challenging parts but I am happy with how it turned out.

they have the wooden background that gives you the feeling of what they are doing and their business. The logo is their current corporate Identity and we tried to carry the blocks in the logo through in the rest of the site design. Overall I think the site came out well.

Visit the site at their New Online Home

Janes Oosthuizen

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