Learn jQuery the easy way with Succinctly – E-Book Review

If you are looking at learning jQuery, The Succinctly Series provides one of the easiest ways. Javascript has made our lives easier in a lot of ways.Programmers can interact with the interface faster and more fluently. Users enjoy a fantastic seamless experience. But looking at bare Javascript can be a dawnting task. Luckily on January 14th, 2006 […]

How to include Google Analytics in your web app

You can easily add google analytics data in your custom app by using the ga-ez-dash library This library is super easy to use and quick to install. I am not going to go into much details and the code is quite self explanatory. All applications that use the Google Analytics API must be registered through […]

Dynamic WordPress Slideshow without plugin

With the addition of the Menu’s feature in wordpress it allowed us to use pages for a little more than its obvious purpose.. A Simple example for this is to create a front end slideshow without having to add a special plugin or tons of code that make everything seem super complicated. All you would […]

Javascript problem with WP Super Cache

Recently had a case where Tweet Blender didnt work correctly alongside WP Super Cache. Tweet Blender showed the Tweets that was cached along with the page so in effect 3 weeks later you still have tweets from 3 weeks back showing. The workaround was quite easy, All you have to do is refresh the tweet […]