Post Message To Slack

If you are using slack I am sure you have thought of making certain items post real-time to slack so you can keep track of it.. this is actually easier then you think. You can put the below code in a function of use it directly. Lets get started:

WordPress relative url’s in posts

If have you ever used wordpress in an environment where you have dev, testing, staging and production environments you would understand that the default wordpress uses when inserting media into posts is by adding the complete url to the media item. Now In a scenario where you have different environments with different urls and you […]

.htaccess url rewrite with http:// and https://

I thought I would share this, if anyone ever came across this. Scenario We had a online shop on a http:// domain. and on the same http:// domain we had 3 other sites in sub folder lets call it /site1, /site2 and /site3 so we had: The online shop – Site 1 – […]

Import Blog Posts into Blog Manager ( Open Cart )

Blog Manager by Echothemes doesnt have an official importer for blog posts from other platforms. I wrote this code for my own use but I am sure it can be applied to most external blog systems as it works with the rss feed of a blog and makes use of the the functionality echothemes provides […]

Embed latest video from youtube channel

There isnt really much documentation out there to do this but I use this method and it works well for me. To get started include the latest jquery library inside your <head> tags <script src=”//”></script> Next on the spot where you want to add in the video drop in the following code: <div id=”static_video”></div> <script […]

Add to custom post type quick edit on WordPress.

If you had the need to add options to the WordPress quick edit menu, here is the solution. In this example my custom post type will be “mytype”. This post will assume you have a custom field already created for your post type, my customfield name will be “myfield”. The steps are as follows: 1. […]