WordPress permalinks and custom $_GET Variables : Part 2

I while back I posted how to use custom post variables in your wordpress site and still user permalinks. Alot of you commented and asked how to get 2 variables working. Well its about time. Here is the code: If you havent done this before I suggest you read Part 1 which you can find […]

Easy iPad Gestures in your website with jQuery

Recently in my surf across the web I came across this and this is actually quite awesome. Seeing iPads are becoming such a common device to use I thought it would be great to be able to include the swipe gestures functionality into your site or maybe into the ipad version of your site. jQuery […]

WordPress permalinks and custom $_GET Variables

Well once again I had to do something in wordpress that I wasn’t sure off. I bit of googling and reading a few blogs I got the solutions. At first you would think that it isn’t possible buuut it is. WordPress is just a little stingy of unknown variables being passed without it knowing.. anyway… […]

Vbulletin Hacks

Here is a few Hacks and Workarounds I found while working on a client system using vBulletin, Photopost and Photopost Classifieds. Variables ex. {vb:rawphrase your_notifications} These variables are normally just available in a certain template. for example the notification variables are only available in the header template. To add these to work in different locations, […]