Windows 10 Cant send email Issue

I recently found a few client phoning me explaining, they cant send emails from outlook even though on the account settings screen the “Test Account Settings” test delivers successful results. The Message Office gives is something similar to cant connect to server. All of the clients had one thing in common, they recently upgraded to […]

Post Instagram to Facebook Fan Page

At the moment the default share location for instagram is your personal facebook profile. There is a easy way to change this actually without use a fancy app or going out and heading back your camera roll and into facebook and repost the image.. What a hassle… So here is my guide to setting this […]

The Future in the Past

So recently I received my brand spanking new Macbook Air. What an incredible machine, but whats really interesting is that the thickness of it catches eyes everywhere. Now for common tech junkies like me and you ( considering you are reading my blog ) this technology seems normal. The fact is a large proportion of […]

Some tips for Afrikaans (South-Africans) Folks on Using Siri.

Wow.. I havent made a blog post in some time.. I have been extrmely busy the past time.. I blame that! Anyway, if you are from South-Africa and you are Afrikaans Speaking you might have some trouble using apple’s new Siri service that comes with the new iPhone 4s. For me it worked really well […]

How apple helped to get back a stolen iPad and catch a syndicate.

Well those of you who follow me on twitter would have seen my excitement when A long time client phoned me and asked me if there is a way where I can wipe his data of his laptop that has just been stolen out of his car. Here is the full story of how Apple’s […]

Proximity Features with your phone and mac

I always lock my computer when leaving my desk and when I come back I have to unlock it again. Last night I came across this little app. Its called Proximity and what it does it monitors a bluetooth device that you choose for proximity and it can trigger events whenever this device is in […]

Easy iPad Gestures in your website with jQuery

Recently in my surf across the web I came across this and this is actually quite awesome. Seeing iPads are becoming such a common device to use I thought it would be great to be able to include the swipe gestures functionality into your site or maybe into the ipad version of your site. jQuery […]