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Todays post is dedicated to The Variable.

The Variable

The Variable can speak so many languages, be so many things.

Without the Variable our life will be hard.
The Variable is patient.
The Variable is hard working
The Variable dont mind being called names.
The Variable can do maths.
The Variable can do so many other things.
The Variable never complains about being passed between classes ( can make him feel used )
The Variable has Character.
The Variable has a good Memory.
The Variable works well on its own, but is also a team player.
The Variable is a good leader of an array of other Variables.
The Variable NEVER gets tired!
The Variable goes out to make our life easy!
Thank you Variable for being my friend!

Janes Oosthuizen

Author Janes Oosthuizen

Programmer and Tech Junky from Cape Town, South-Africa. I have been programming for more than 15 years in various languages including ( CSS, HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and many other ).

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